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Article Review

If you look through this tutorial, you probably aspire to find out the rules of article review writing. This type of the work consists of two different parts. The first one is a detailed summary and the second one is an estimation of work of the other writer. Article review format is widely used in higher educational establishments and by the professionals in the sphere of writing. Students get such tasks in order to make a detailed analysis and compare the style of the author with other writers. Professional writers almost always use this instrument in order to estimate the work of a colleague.

Certainly, it is better to get a good sample of article review papers. Having such an example in front of you, you will build a structure of your work and will make first notes that will help you craft a top-rated review.

How to critique an article?

Writing a review, you should follow certain steps. The review should contain such points like logical estimation of the main theme, additional arguments as well as probable consequences for the continuation of your future research paper. Before, you start writing the review, you should carefully examine the article you are going to describe. In order to fulfill the review in correspondence with all writing rules you may create your own preparation plan, which may consist of approximately 6 points.

  1. Examine the information about article review writing. Learn the main features. In most cases, only knowledgeable audience reads these reviews. You should gather main ideas, positions, arguments and only then start criticizing effectiveness of the article and its contribution to a certain field of science.
  2. Plan the structure. Summarize information for the article.
  3. Make a preliminary check out of the work.
  4. Read it several times.
  5. Write the review in your own words.
  6. Write a short outline of your personal impression.


Article Review

So, the format of article writing should correspond to the following structure:

  1. Choose a title for the review. It may be interrogative, descriptive or declarative.
  2. Make a full citation of your article under the title.
  3. Let the readers know who is the author, where the article was published (magazine or newspaper), indicate the year.
  4. Make an introduction. It should reflect the main topics of the article and arguments of the author.
  5. Make a short summary.
  6. Criticize the article.

Surely, the above-mentioned scheme how to write a short article is not obligatory though it is the one, which may serve you as a good example.
Now you know how to critique a research article and may write article reviews of any level of complexity.

All the writers have their own secrets that help them create genuine masterpieces. However, there are many standard review writing plans. So, if there is a necessity to write a film review essay or a book review, one uses article review apa format.
The format was invented by American psychologists and presupposes a strict structure. If you decide to use it, you will have to find article critique sample apa format via internet.

Works, written in accordance with this format contain such points as:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Annotation.
  3. Main part.
  4. Literature references.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Footnotes.
  7. Tables, each table on a separate page.
  8. Diagrams, each diagram on a separate page.

Surely, except the structure you may need a sample APA journal article review. While writing your own review you will have an opportunity to see how it was created by the other writer and maybe it will avail you to create top-quality article review.

Naturally, you may find another writing plan or some other secrets of professionals, but we hope that the above mentioned information will be useful for you and you will get the intended result.

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